Politico-Economic Evaluation of Current Issues

Historical, Theoretical and National Perspectives

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The decision makers throughout the world are still dealing with the issues such as income inequality, ongoing poverty, increasing environmental problems, proving that it is not enough to examine the economic events from a mere economic point of view. Increasing economic ties between countries also makes it difficult to solve problems and leads to new challenges. Global economy is increasingly more complicated, which requires new problems to be approached with alternative disciplinary perspectives. For this reason, economic methods and theories must be adjusted in such a way that they take insights from other disciplines into account. To look from a diversified perspective will provide a multi-faceted solution to the same problem.

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Therefore, this book contains chapters which are examining economic issues from both theoretical and historical perspectives with an aim of offering new insights and solutions to today’s problems. Without understanding theoretical debates, originating from world crisis term and their historical background, it is not possible to comprehend current economic issues which affect our daily lives.

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